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'Tie-in books' are basically novelty books, that in some way relate to another entity; a character, a TV show a hobby, radio character. They come in all shapes and sizes and they can be small gift books, large-format luxury novels, fun books that have sound and noise gimmicks, and practical books which include materials to help you further a hobby and of course the Annual!

So, how do you go about writing such a book?

Start with doing some research. If you are writing a tie-in or novelty book that is based on a TV programme then spend time watching the programme. 

The next piece of research you need to think about is your target audience. Who is going to buy this book? What do you know about this audience? What trends are out there at the moment that are popular in the world of novelty books? Do these trends fit with your target audience? And do they fit with the proposed subject matter of your book? The Internet can be a good source of information.

The licensor is the person or company that owns or holds the licence to the overall brand of the television programme, toy or character that you are hoping to write about. They have to give their seal of approval to your book idea before it can be published. 

Illustration, size, and ultimately what it is that makes the book a novelty book are all hugely important to how well a tie-in book will sell, and thus how well received it will be by a potential publisher or agent. So if you are not able to create a mock up of the book then ensure you have articulate ideas of how the book will look and feel, so that you can describe them to the publisher.

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